This website shows the projects of an independent R & D group, whose objective is to provide useful means to the world through inventions that are not committed to anyone,which makes us free to choose the type of project that we consider of general interest.

  We develop them without any pressure to meet deadlines and incorporate improvements during its development, so that it complies with the basic requirements of sustainability, low cost for the consumer and universal utility.

   We love looking for basic solutions for humanity (Since 2003).

We invite you to visit our website, hoping it is of your interest and that motivates you to help us continue this fight.           
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To the
people interested in Bitcoin & Cryptos please continue reading:


    Triple play :

1 - Increase more Miners around the globe, located precisely on place the people love to stay: the beach. (less  "51% attack" probability). No chilly !

2 - Without any fuel cost, mining cost will  be more cheaper.

3 - Get out of Climate Change objetions, forever  !
      In addition,
it will illuminate the world.

"CO2 big bite"  project consist lo locate tiny powerplants ( the"ship" ) on decks o near the shoreline. Works outside the ocean , only requires a "tubing sensor" touching the water surface. Of low cost and easy to install, fast.

Our goal is build a powerplant station,  called "One Megawatt Sample" for show to the world this  alternative of Clean Power. Initially designed for non developed countries, it has now been upgraded for applicatons in the Blockchain world.

"CO2 big bite" project  destroys the paradigm  which  to
 get Sea energy  is complex, very expensive, risky and
 requires lots  of time.
  ...If  Crowdfunding support us enough, then the arrive of such energy will came soon.
 -                                                          And for everybody..!! 



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