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Story behind
In the jungle of the Mayan region, north of Guatemala city, I was working for the Oil industry, for about eight years.
During that time I observed as the lack of means of air transport, the lack of electricity, the conditions of the area
with mosquitoes and swamps, make life difficult for
villagers of the field.
The absence of the comforts of modern life can be the difference between the life and death (a simple wound suffered within the deep forest turns out to be
fatal, for not applying an anti-tetanic injection in time).

In addition the advance of hydroelectric plants, devour the area of cultivation and depredate the forests, creating social conflicts.
                                  In short, all plot for the hardening
from the life of the peasants, until the appearance of the
use of corn for bio-fuel, or the monoculture of the African palm.

Realities that one can not ignore. That led me to
dedicate myself to R & D, which incidentally, we try to
CO2 reduce emissions.
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