This project cover commercial and industrial fields. Big reduction in energy use.
Market niche:  Philantrophy, Energy Saver, Enviromental issues - etc --
-- Study in deep will show many fields of use, not only  restricted to sweet water.

Project financing : Crowdsourcing (philantrophy)  or industrial development. (Investors)
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Story behind--Business plan  --   estimated development time ...

Climate change already produces consequences ... while science seems not solve the fundamental problems.
There are independent researchers who will solve ways to deal with disasters.

People need to produce more pure, sweet water. We intend to give the world a very cheap way of producing it .  ... How?
Just like mother nature does: Evaporating ... but with a new method that uses little energy.

Destil Hathr, .. it is the name of our future product. Here is a list of the main advantages and characteristics. It does not require electricity.
The good news is that we have left the research stage. We are currently building the first prototype of a design to evaluate its performance. 

Replicability: It is a robust design built consisting of plastic material and very cheap tanks because they are low pressure.
The support system is built around the iron, which provides excellent durability and robustness,. .. and is not required moldings to manufacture it,  .. and is built with common tools.
Materials available at any hardware store.
As we can see, it will be a solution accessible to everyone, .. that does not need frequent replacement elements and is also very low maintenance (almost zero).
Excellent solution  to disasters, when simultaneously the electrical supply fails, the roads collapse and the water distribution network is not restored immediately.


Status : Building prototype to evaluate
 perfomance.      (picture not ready yet)

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