Otto engine remained about one century.
In this time, the design itself has no changes basically.
Certainly, the inlet and exhaust valves was moved "over head",
another changes is not notorious physically.
His remarkable successful is, in part because is a simple mechanism..
Making some counts, actually uses four cylinders, each one with an axis with two semicircle counterweights, rod connectors, two overhead valves, having more two dozens of main parts.
The question.. Is there is an engine today with internally nothing moving (each other) parts? Yes, in this book you can discover that.

page four MRE
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Excerpts  from
 "MRE, the third engine"         .
(in preparation book)
MRE :   hibrid by nature ?
YES, It is a hybrid nature. Because have enough space to install electric generators in both sides of  rotor. Cost savings and  also less requerid space. Matches perfectly in drone applications.
- Another dream: the homogeneous combustion.Many people have heard "that the diesel engine is more efficient and pollution is less harmful."The explanation is that the diesel engine not requires spark plugs, as the fuel / air simply blows by the high compression, as these engines are manufactured to produce a high compression ratio.For various reasons, Otto combustion engine using gasoline, is not very homogeneous (although there are some solutions). It called HCCI is currently looking for. (Homogeneus charge compression ignition).Factors such as vacuum and design Otto engine operating limit this objective. HCCI provides better combustion.The MRE is not uses vaccum and the point of application of the force of the explosion, is likely to do it.
The Otto engine, has been described as "a cannon trying to destroy himself." Ways to mitigate that apply this self-destruction. In the second half of last century and began to use the computer for this purpose. Which it was established as an improvement in Otto engine operation. A mechanical solution was used in the beginning.All this results in low efficiency.
This is one of the reasons that led me to design the MRE, which has almost zero self-destruction
Each pound of weight, you have to carry for life, in vehicles. Both types of parts uninterruptedly rotate when the engine runs. Additionally, suffering variations in speed (acceleration) that also consume energy.This is part of what you pay, but if you managed to skip flyers, crescents, and reciprocating movements (reciprocating) obviously would save fuel. And MRE do not have them !.
And more :   
full computer controlled engine, (and from design board, in native form !)
dynamic variable compresion ratio.
plus: List about one hundred of new characteristics , and Two videos.
In draft:  index (mixed Spanish/English).


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