The Sea Power Conquest
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Enrique H. Leon
1 Open letter to Mr. Bill G.
 2 Link  about  Peter Haas
 3 Project Technical Characteristics

1  What does the planet need ?
     (about "Miracle energy")     .BREAKTHROUGH objetive

a) A rig that works around the world, including  in poor countries.    Cheap, reliable and distributed clean energy. of massive use.

b) Must be a disruption that can not be reversed, disappear or forbidden.
Such thing do not exists yet,

.....  you need a fundamental, new invention.
Is possible obtain that?... Yes, but consider this:

Change your viewpoint
Keep the U.S. energy addiction is possible if the rest of the world forget carbon and oil.
Satisfy small figures of many poor countries is more feasible, cheap and easy.

And a bonus : less regulations. Congratulations if you disregard mammoth projects, by now.

 Philantrophy.. not investors, the begin
It is no possible to drink and swallow milk at same time.
(Great solution & fabulous earnings, at same time ? )

If Multi million dollars don't worked at this date,  try risk (almost donate) pennies, almost at cost of  peanuts, outside U.S., inside small countries.

...  This situation is ideal to independent inventors of developing countries, that Peter Haas predicted. (read about he, at the bottom). With short resources they  make local developments that work.That means drops of financing, barely.

Is there a GAP  between Miracle Energy & Invention ?
Yes,but  it is an abyss.!

-    The scene: A mountain of BIG money  and  a mountain of inventions.

The cliffhanger: the inventor of danger in any direction, crossing with a rope over an abyss (specially about designs over clean electric power) and at the bottom (if it is disruptive), many people want to see died that guy, for sure...

 Really, exists true obstacles to jump that,  and  find that you wish :  Less C02.

Direct contact, is necessary.Not rely on  intermediaries.
(Inside every energy project always there is "the hand which move the cradle". Can dissapear anything. Believe me. They works in "second plane".)

 And remenber : When you have interest in something, is best put your direct attention.
-             I wonder ..if I have two solutions* about you looking for,   how many solutions can you find in the rest of the world? 
   *(A more efficient thermic engine and a simple sea power engine,  both in this website, of my creation).

An impossible "deafs dialogue".

Millennials are good for apps, but the thing you are asking for, is not a software.
Old pure heavy  hardware, with easy solutions fast to implement, of high reliability and easy to build in any part of th jungle o desert,  needs of a long experienced inventor  using short resources.
Inventors looking for big energy, are dreamers, his main interest is to change the world for best, not in make lots of money.

By other side this class of guys (old timers, baby boomers) are not geeks in  this "binary era", not like or not have time to live inside the Internet, in consecuence
his capacity of comunicate are not  the best.
In other words, they are not at 1 click of distance. These is the reason : investor are waiting  the Big Business  ringer of your office. That do not work this mode.


I think it is necessary create a patrol agency to search and scan  in deep, in all environments where independents inventors are.(Specially,in developing countries)
And perhaps the energy disruptor may be scared.

A more simple solution
 Be a sponsor of my  sea power project, required to this disruptive solution, and at the end of day, you will be investing almost, pennies.
(You will capture all C02  you want)   twitter@enriquehleon

                                                                                                        -                E N D  of letter



MAKES SENSE :  sea power save long distance transmission lines. "80 % of ´world population lives at  less 60 miles of the ocean."

 And U.S. Government is looking for also. the sea power energy also.
 (looking for mammoth projects, good luck !).

  # 2          About Peter Haas Breakthrough Awards>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 /// The Conference
   Low-Tech Solutions to Global Problems
By Wayne Ma ....   Oct 9, 2007 @ 8:00 PM ---

The tech world is misunderstanding the concept of appropriate technology for developing nations as "low-tech,"
leaders in the growing field of practical invention said today at the 2007 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Conference. In fact, the panelists agreed, it's likely more difficult to design these technologies for rich, technologically-developed countries, which don't have to worry about limited resources.

"They're not low-tech in the sense of dumbed-down," said Ashok Gadgil, a senior staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who won a Breakthrough Award this year for co-design a super-efficent cookstove refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan. "They've taken a huge amount of intellectual effort to design them and keep them simple.
They are simple without compromising effectiveness."

Innovations that make life easier for the world's poor need to be affordable, repairable, reliable and environmentally sound, stressed Peter Haas, executive director and founder of the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG). And the biggest misconception about implementing new gadgets in the third world is that knowledge only flows globally from the north to the south, he added. "There are geniuses in every village ready to make significant changes to the environment; they just don't have the access to tools, resources or time."

Shawn Frayne, an independent inventor whose wind generator alternative also won a Breakthrough Award this year, said that while corporations such as DuPont and General Electric have done a solid job of developing incremental innovations, they've forgotten some of the simpler ideas--and problems--that exist today. "In the next 100 years, what's required are new fundamental inventions, and those are going to come from the developing world."

These designs already have taken off in new directions. Jock Brandis has seen his 2005 Breakthrough Award-winning peanut sheller expand across Africa with what some might call open-source new uses for his Rube Goldberg-ian contraption. "It's like a I threw a pebble in the water," he said, "and the ripples have turned into tidal waves."

                                                                                                   T O P          


 3 The project  CO2 big bite

Contact for investors: Enrique H. León
Guat. Pat. Pending, PCT-gt protected ½

Marine Hydroelectric Power Plants. (Operate on seas or rivers)
Project: "CO2 BIG BITE"

Advantages for consumers :
- Electricity 24 hours. - Kw unlimited, available all year round.
- It does not consume any fuel. FREE of invoices and price increases.
-- Quick Install . In less than ten minutes! (Light models).
- Portable: ideal for camping, for emergencies and natural disasters.
- Versatile operation: it operates in seas ("offshore", "onshore",.
... "shoreline") - and in exteriors and interiors, including basements.
- In rivers it does not require dams or reservoirs.
- 100% Greenpeace dream. - Does not cause visual impact to landscape,
 _quiet, zero emission, produces solid, clean energy, renewable.
- With electronic optimization of resources, flexible and programmable .
. Equipment with long life and quick recovery of investment.
.-- High reliability of operation, thanks to its simplified design.
. Unlike other renewable energies, it always generates energy.
- Substantial maintenance cost savings. And absence of
Spare parts specialized in warehouse inventories ..
- Ideal for large energy parks, due to requirements
Reduced space. It does not hinder navigation, it can operate on the beach.
- Our portable models are characterized (besides being light),
Because they occupy little space in transport and storage.
- In places away from the public network, it allows to omit transformers
 and long lines. (Minimizing initial cost, maintenance and risks.)

Ehlr /

Project   CO2 BIG BITE (mini marine hydroelectric plants) 1/2

Technical Advantages:

-A machine (reactor type) with 90% efficiency (estimated).
-Easy obtain directly electricity of 60 Hz / sec. a.c.
-Minimum maintenance.
-Simple operation, easy to understand and maintain.
-Specialized technical staff, not required.
-Adaptable to telemetry and remote reprogramming.
-Automatic adjustment (variability).
-Highly reliable. (The mechanism operates only 30% of the time)
- Ultra-slow operating system, working cold, avoiding wear.
- Supports serial production. Reduce time and cost of manufacturing.
-Uses a minimum of parts, avoiding the use of expensive components
of large sizes, such as gears, bearings, flywheels, valves, shafts
lengths, expensive materials or specialized parts (zero stainless steel).
.     /                                                                                                                                                   

Specialized technical features

- Can operate without BIG BATERIES STACKS
--Installs close or on/in the beach.
-It does not interfere with navigation.
-Minimum environmental impact to the echo system.
-Independent to changes in height of the tide.
-Optimization (dynamic) of the height of the wave.
- Does not use conventional turbine: drastic reduction
  in cost and and time.
-Adjustable response time, manual and /or automatic.(T).
-Excellent response to weathering (also, installable indoors)
- Maximization of the energy available at the source.
-Controller mini-portal, built-in. (Smart grids).
- Power Adapter (OWC) uses low cost (pressure) pipe.
- Low RPM engine with a range of 100-425 rpm,
... To any torque that is required.
-  Compact, reduced installation area approx. 10 m2.
-Increased efficiency in peak hours.

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